In the current economic climate, companies are forced to maximize their potential like never before. Only businesses which manage their property and resources in the most efficient way are successful. Therefore it is worth seeking business advice that will allow you to meet your objectives and overcome any difficulties.

Our business consulting can advise you by:

  • making decisions on starting a new business;
  • reorganizing your business;
  • reorganizing production processes, distribution or services;
  • carrying out particularly important transactions or investments.
  • transformations, mergers or changing the company's ownership structure;
  • succession planning and preparing to hand over running your business.

We offer you our experience to enable you to achieve your goals safely and efficiently.

KWK Legal offers business consulting services which support you in all aspects of your company's activities, in particular in asset and legal transformations, reorganization or personnel changes. Our actions are not limited to legal analysis of issues presented to us. Instead, we look for such solutions for our clients, which will assist in planned transactions not only legally and tax-effectively, but also including the processes of risk management, and the cohesion of activities with the strategy of company development.

Business Consulting is not a domain reserved solely for corporations.

Creating a long term development strategy, reorganization and optimization of a company's activities are solutions which will allow it to use its own potential effectively and, as a consequence, to get a true competitive advantage.

Our activities in business consulting services includes a wide range of services such as:

  • strategic advice;
  • risk management analysis;
  • conducting and evaluating outsourcing;
  • managing staff teams;
  • advice on financing;
  • advice on succession in business (generation change in an enterprise);
  • training in the area of law, taxes and finance.

Here, in one place we combine legal, tax, accounting knowledge as well as knowledge of company management. We understand the needs of entrepreneurs and adjust our services accordingly. We propose innovative, creative and above all, effective tax and legal solutions. We offer our experience and enable you to achieve your goals faster and safer.

The partner responsible for business consulting is tax adviser Przemysław Włodarczyk