Tie-in arrangements

More often than not cooperating agents plan a number of interrelated transactions, which head toward a common aim. The timetable for carrying out such transactions is often spread over a period of several months, or sometimes even years. Therefore it is advisable to ensure that the planned transactions take any change in tax status into account and secure your interests in the perspective of the arrangements as a whole.

Our firm specializes in identifying alternative and more tax efficient solutions to the planned tie-in arrangements. We create tax-effective structures of agreements which meet the purpose intended by the parties, protect our client interests more accurately, minimize the risk and optimize the tax issues.

As part of our business activities we:

  • identify risk related to planned transactions and we indicate measures aimed at eliminating or minimizing the risk;
  • create effective legal and tax transaction structures of tie-in arrangements, ensuring legal security of our clients and beneficial tax planning;
  • represent our clients in negotiations with the contractors.


The partner responsible for the department of companies is tax adviser Przemysław Włodarczyk