Due diligence

Due diligence is a comprehensive analysis of the company, allowing you to see its organizational structure, financial result, legal and tax status. The aim is to identify any areas of risk regarding current operations, planned transactions or with a view to potential restructuring.

Such analysis is normally conducted for mergers and the takeover of companies, or for the entrepreneur himself with the view to changing the functioning of the company.

Our law firm carries out due diligence using the knowledge and experience gained in law, taxes, accounting and business practice.

In particular:

  • we carry out the analysis of the company's legal status, with regard to, among others, real estate ownership, employment and its potential changes, intellectual and copyright law;
  • we assess the tax situation of the company, identify the tax risk and verify previous tax returns,
  • we analyze the company's accounting, check whether the accounts, records, fixed assets or transaction documents are correct;
  • we provide the services of business consulting, assess whether the company's organization model is effective;
  • we prepare a comprehensive due diligence report, indicating actions that were carried out, conclusions from the analyses and recommendations for further actions.


The partner responsible for the department of companies is tax adviser Przemysław Włodarczyk