Establishing a company

In the current legal system, it is possible for an entrepreneur to act in accordance with one of the numerous legal forms- from self employment through  partnership, to various commercial law companies.

Choosing the right company for you can be far from simple. The following aspects should be taken into account in the decision-making process:

  • legal liability;
  • taxes to be paid by the company and/or its members;
  • accounting obligations;
  • reporting obligations;
  • ability to raise capital;
  • how effective the business entity is in allowing you to achieve your aims.

With the above in mind, our lawyers will assist and advise in helping you choose the most suitable business entity.

In particular:

  • we can provide advice with regard to the most appropriate forms of business activity (e.g. the type of company);
  • we will prepare all documents necessary to establish a company;
  • we will provide efficient registration of companies in the National Court Register;
  • we can obtain all the necessary documents from authorities for the business to operate (NIP, REGON, VAT, VAT EU).



Liquidation of the company

The completion of business activity in the form of a commercial company or partnership, entails a range of legal, tax and accounting obligations, the completion of which is necessary for the proper liquidation of the company. How to carry out a liquidation depends to a large extent on the partners, and the proper arrangement of the liquidation process. This can allow both the company and the partners significant tax savings.

Our lawyers will help you in the liquidation process of the company comprehensively. They will advise how to prepare liquidation so it is carried out in the most tax-efficient manner and will effectively delete the company from the register of companies.

In particular:we provide advice on the issues of tax planning during the liquidation process and create effective liquidation models. providing advice on accounting issues related to the liquidation of the company, carrying out liquidation proceedings, assisting with all actions, such as drafting members' and liquidators' resolutions, registration in National Court Register, creating balances and liquidation reports.We represent clients in lawsuits related to liquidation process, such as in cases of dissolution of the company by request of the partner, or to recall the liquidators.


The partner responsible for the department of companies is tax adviser Przemysław Włodarczyk