In recent years there has been a significant growth in entrepreneurs' awareness regarding the application of copyright in commercial transactions. Regulations connected to copyright protection can be related to activities of artists, such as writers, painters, musicians, and actors, as well as any entities which conclude public law contracts, in particular the contract for specific work or contract for construction works.

Providing legal assistance within the scope of copyright law we will aid you to meet your objectives, considering appropriate copyright regulations.

As part of our services:

  • we effectively secure the interests of our clients by formulating and evaluating copyright agreements (transfer of rights, licenses) and agreements on related rights, as well as any other agreements of containing copyright provisions;
  • we offer comprehensive advice on specific works, such as audiovisual works, or software;
  • we effectively implement the protection of moral and economic rights, and in that we represent clients in court proceedings.
  • we represent clients in disputes with organizations for collective management, including ZAiKS;
  • we provide advice on matters under criminal liability for copyright infringement.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive protection of your work, as well as the rights related to it. Our firm comprehensively carries out all proceedings regarding copyright protection, assisting authors in legal terms and thus supporting faster implementation of your creative projects.


The partner responsible for intellectual property is legal adviser Michał Kłodawski