Year by year the number of applications to the Polish Patent Office is growing. Entrepreneurs expanding their activities are increasingly concerned with protection of their industrial property rights not only in the country they operate in, but also in the European Union, or globally. Becoming aware of the rights related to the reservation of generated technical solutions allows you to evaluate the potential of your company better, and implement legal protection more efficiently, thus getting a true competitive advantage as well as protection against unfair competition.

As part of our services :

  • we advise comprehensively to companies regarding industrial property law including, the effects of reservations in the Patent Office;
  • we effectively secure interests of our clients formulating and evaluating industrial property agreements, as well as provisions concerning protection of the rights contained in other agreements;
  • in co-operation with the patent attorney we effectively reserve industrial property rights for our clients regarding inventions and patents, designs, trade marks, utility and industrial models, geographical indications, and layout designs (topographies) of integrated circuits.

On the other hand, is not unusual for a competitor to claim against an entrepreneur, invoking rights of registration. Simply obtaining reservation in the Patent Office does not prejudge protection, nor the legitimacy of the claim.

We provide assistance for entrepreneurs who were claimed against based on industrial property law, and in particular:

  • we assess rights from the registration and submitted claims;
  • we implement effective measures against submitted claims;
  • we represent clients in all court proceedings, as well as in the proceedings before the Polish Patent Office on the invalidation of the registration.

Regardless of these we advise on matters of criminal liability for the infringement of rights in industrial property law.


The partner responsible for intellectual property is legal adviser Michał Kłodawski