Transaction collateral provides an entrepreneur with security. In the event that a contractor does not perform a contract, thanks to collateral, it is possible to oblige the debtor to perform an obligation, including a fast and effective payment of debt.

Collateral is also ideal when a contractor expresses a will of payment, however, does not take any real steps in order to regulate the debt. Through appropriate collateral it is possible to minimize your payment risk without the need for a lawsuit.

Our law firm effectively deploys collaterals, which are the most relevant to the situations and needs of our clients.

We also provide assistance in the form of:

  • mortgages;
  • pledges;
  • registered pledges;
  • guarantees;
  • bills of exchange;
  • collateral transfer of ownership;
  • voluntary submission to enforcement.

The partner responsible for the department of recovery and collateral is legal counsel Michał Kłodawski