Tax Advice

As well as legal support, we can assist you in tax matters regarding your business. Our services include all the relevant tax advice and assistance, in particular:

  • Personal income tax (PIT).
  • Corporate income tax (CIT).
  • Value added tax (VAT);
  • Property tax;
  • Tax on civil law transactions (CLAT);
  • Excise tax;
  • Social security premium.

Our firm can offer support in the following issues:

  • tax audit;
  • tax and fiscal inspection;
  • representing taxpayers in administrative courts;
  • tax planning;
  • legal and tax support of transactions;
  • advice on the effects of international transactions and the so-called withholding tax;
  • training in the latest changes in tax law;
  • ongoing tax advice.

Our mission is to assist business people with complex tax and legal matters. We believe that complex provisions and procedures should not prevent business owners from realizing their visions. We understand the needs of entrepreneurs, so we are able to provide you with knowledge and security.

You set the objective – we find the way.

The partner responsible for tax consulting is tax adviser Przemysław Włodarczyk