Pre- trial recovery

When the debtor does not carry out his obligations, and a lawsuit is the last resort, our lawyers will present a solution aimed at minimizing risk and securing your interests.

Our firm provides comprehensive legal aid for entrepreneurs at the pre-trial recovery stage.

In particular:

  • we evaluate claims and adopt the best strategy for our clients;
  • we present alternative ways to end disputes;
  • we draft a pre – trial call for payment;
  • we represent our clients in debtor – creditor negotiations.


Court recovery

If swift vindication is required or settling with the debtor is not an option, our firm effectively carries out court proceedings aiming at dept recovery

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of litigation.

We offer comprehensive legal assistance:

  • we effectively carry out court proceedings;
  • we effectively carry out proceeding to secure claims in court;
  • we represent clients in all proceedings in all courts.


Enforcement proceedings

When a debtor refrains from payment in spite of the valid judgment, we will assist in recovering the debt before the bailiff.

Our lawyers participate in numerous enforcement proceedings aiming to recover the debts effectively.

Our law firm among others:

  • provides legal aid in enforcement proceedings, from filing an enforcement motion to finalizing the proceedings;
  • monitors ongoing enforcement proceedings, reacting to activities of debtor and bailiff in real time;
  • advises on individual actions such as seizure of assets, auction, and knockdown;
  • files complaints on actions of the bailiff when necessary;
  • carries out anti-enforcement proceedings.

As well as the above we offer legal aid in cases of an unsuccessful or only partly successful enforcement proceedings. We advise on legal actions that may lead to enforcement on the assets of third parties or revealing assets of the debtor.


The partner responsible for the department of recovery and collateral is legal counsel Michał Kłodawski