Transformations and restructuring of companies

The legal system provides numerous possibilities to change the form of business activity. Sometimes transformation is necessary in view of achieving a certain level of company turnover. Sometimes it is simply more profitable or it can increase the security of partners.

In particular it is possible to transform:

  • self employment into a commercial law company (e.g. into limited liability);
  • a civil partnership into a commercial law company (e.g. into limited partnership);
  • one commercial law company into another one (e.g. general partnership into limited liability or limited partnership).

The law also provides a wide range of possibilities for the financial co-operation of companies through a merger or division. There is also the possibility for companies to act in the form of capital groups or consortia.

As part of our business activities we:

  • indicate which model of business activity will be the most suitable for our clients;
  • provide advice on legal, tax and accounting aspects of transformation;
  • represent our clients in negotiations with third parties or the representatives of the employees and bodies of trade unions in the event of a merger;
  • carry out comprehensive division and transformation of companies, preparing all the necessary documents, also in co-operation with auditors.
  • represent clients in court during the registration procedure.

Transformations and restructuring processes are complex. As part of our activities we support you at each stage of the process. Together with you, we can develop the most effective restructuring concept, ensuring that your own objectives have been reached and the process was carried out in accordance with legal and accounting requirements.


Transferring enterprise/business to a successor

Succession of business is taking certain steps both factual and legal, with a view of handing down the business to one's successors, most often a son or daughter or other family member.

Our lawyers help you to transfer the rights and obligations efficiently to new owners or business managers, providing necessary legal and accounting advice as well as business advice in the process of transferring your business to a successor.

For further information about our services visit our web site which is dedicated to business advice.


The partner responsible for the department of companies is tax adviser Przemysław Włodarczyk