In the case of companies employing over 10 employees, accident insurance, as one of the components of social security, is particularly complicated to calculate in the light of current regulations.

Due to the degree of complexity, companies often do not verify nor control whether the settlement of this premium is correct. Possible savings may even amount to 0.8% of all the salaries paid by a company per year.

Our law firm helps verify the way settlement is carried out with respect to accident insurance as well as to identify potential areas for savings.

As part of our assistance:

  • we will look at all of the components influencing the calculation of the accident contribution;
  • we will verify accident contributions already paid to the Social Insurance Institution;
  • we will analyze documentation sent to the Social Insurance Institution as accident contribution;
  • we will provide a summary of our analysis, detailing all of the identified irregularities (indicating areas of possible savings or areas of risk connected with accident contribution) together with the suggested plan of action;
  • we will support you in the preparation of documentation required for carrying out of the identified actions;
  • we will carry out our activities until we have obtained tangible results for the company.

Projects regarding optimization of accident contribution are carried out by our tax advisers and legal councils with a wealth of experience in proceedings related to public law obligations.

The partner responsible for tax consulting is tax adviser Przemysław Włodarczyk