Bankruptcy of the debtor does not have to deprive the creditor of chances to enforce the debt. Correct introduction of claims and the undertaking all due activities in bankruptcy proceedings may increase your chances of obtaining a much higher payment than in the case of standard monitoring.

On the other hand, effective filing for bankruptcy of the debtor may limit losses related to excessive debt as well as, in some cases, exclude personal liability.

As far as bankruptcy proceedings are concerned we offer among other things:

  • comprehensive legal advice with regard to the effects of bankruptcy for creditors and debtors, including the asset management, and the results of bankruptcy for ongoing proceedings or matrimonial property regimes;
  • drafting a motion of declaration of bankruptcy as well as complaints for court decisions on the declaration of bankruptcy;
  • drafting all remaining motions in the process of bankruptcy proceedings, e.g. the motion for excluding property from a bankrupt entity's assets;
  • comprehensive legal advice on actions such as auctions, tenders, and free sale;
  • comprehensive business consulting in arrangement proceedings;
  • comprehensive legal advice with regard to the effects of finalizing or discontinuance of bankruptcy proceedings.

In addition for creditors we also offer comprehensive assistance in the areas of:

  • introduction of claims;
  • representation in creditors' meetings;
  • filing complaints in the process of proceedings, e.g. challenging list of liabilities.

For the debtors we offer:

  • filing motions to remit outstanding debts;
  • legal advice in the proceedings for a ban on business activities.

Apart from the above we offer comprehensive legal assistance as well as business consulting and risks evaluation for entrepreneurs threatened with insolvency and considering the introduction of recovery proceedings.

The partner responsible for the department of recovery and collateral is legal counsel Michał Kłodawski