In this chapter we present issues related to the functioning of commercial law companies.

In the part concerned with establishing and liquidating companies we present our services on setting up a company and enabling it to operate as well as on ending its existence and final settlement of the partners.

In the part concerned with transformations, restructuring and succession you will find information about legal assistence, which we provide to entrepreneurs and companies, who may wish to change the form of the activity (e.g. from a general partnership to a limited liability company.). Also we offer advice to businesspeople who are delegating management of their company to their next of kin ('succession of business').

In the part concerned with due diligence you will find information about when this type of research is useful as well as information about our assistance in this respect.

In the part concerned with tie-in arrangements we point to our services related to the important yet unusual activities of the company, which are found to be essential during extraordinary legal business projects.

In the part concerned with the legal and accounting service we point to both the on-going legal assistance a company needs in the course of its usual activities as well as the accounting services we deliver.

The partner responsible for the department of companies is tax adviser Przemysław Włodarczyk